2006 was a watershed year for my painting. I worked a lot on different paintings, mostly in oils, with some realistic works yet with explorations of abstraction in landscapes. Late in the year was when it all came together following a course on "Free Style Painting" that showed me some of the techniques and critical thought processes that go into completely abstract, "ad hoc" painting. I have been pursuing painting in this direction with some success, I think.

In December I took a two day course from Erik Visser that he called "Free Style Painting" in what I would call an abstract expressionist genre. This was the founding spark for my present direction in painting. I found the experience to be enlightening, enlivening and thoroughly enjoyable. It allowed for as much creativity as you could muster with the excitement of creating a painting from a totally blank canvas with no real concept of where it was going, and with no rules as to how to get there. Awesome! Highly recommended.