2010 promises to be a good year, I am continuing with a series of Cityscapes that I am using to explore the nature of the human-built environment, and contrast it to the non-human. I prefer to use the phrase non-human environment for people are of nature, just as any other animal is. Our cities are as natural, in many ways, as are beaver dams and swamps. We build them for our purposes without much thought for other species, much the way the beaver does. So there is no human form of nature separate from the rest of nature. However, we do things in a big way, using materials that are greatly transformed and we tend to think of ourselves as not being of nature. But we are!

On a less philosophical note, I will be in several shows this year, one with Heather Howard in February, the St. Albert Painter's Guild shows in April and October, and the Whyte Avenue Art Walk in July. Look for my booth on Whyte Ave. and 105 St. in front of the "Esso Lot".