Artist's Statement

I feel the role of the artist in our society is to interpret our world in ways that are unique to the artist. To question our perceptions, provide alternate meanings and sometimes to propose answers, but always to show people the world in a unique way.

I paint in the non-representative genre, what most people think of as abstract art, and in imagined, highly abstracted landscapes that present more of the feeling of a time or place than any particular locale. I believe strongly that these genres of art are not about painting an object or place, but are about painting what it feels like.

My latest series of abstract paintings I called "Miles Does Miles" as they were based on a series of compositions by the greatest jazz musician ever; Miles Davis. They are bright and bold, with unique stylings and paint techniques to match the music.

My latest series of imagined landscapes is based on impressions of the land around me, from land-based occurrences (forest fires, storms, ice jammed rivers) or from remembrances of the land.


I have always been interested in art, through my working career I kept up with my interest through classes at the UofA Extensions in art history, sketching and sustained drawing, and in life drawing at the Art Gallery of Edmonton.

In 2004 I took classes in oil painting, and joined the St. Albert Painter’s Guild in 2005 and began showing and selling my work. I maintained membership in the Guild until 2012 when I decided to put my efforts to more professional venues.

In 2006 I took a class in abstract painting that showed me a “freestyle” way to put paint on canvas, and the thought processes that should go into abstract painting.

In 2008 I rented a studio at The Studio Gallery which boosted my productivity. I started expanding my horizons by exhibiting at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. One piece “Tears of Red Buffalo” was accepted into the Fringe Gallery for further display as one of the strongest pieces at the Art Walk. I was at the Art Walk for a further three years.

I was selected for the Guilded Show at Profiles Gallery in St. Albert in 2009.

In 2011 I moved to the Perron St. studios of what is now the Visual Arts Studio Association and was accepted into the Daffodil Gallery on 124 St.

In 2012 VASA moved into the Hemingway Building. I had a solo show of my work at Daffodil Gallery featuring a series of blue, yellow and white abstract pieces. The piece for AGSA this year comes from this series.

2013 saw me finishing my blue/yellow/white series and launching a new series with very liquid, shiny acrylics. A group of abstract artists centered at VASA formed the Goop of Seven, a loose group dedicated to thick, goopy painting styles and focused on applying for group shows in western Canada. I also co-produced a piece of work for Symbiotica, a group show of art and poetry put on by YegWords for the spring poetry festival in conjunction with poet Deborah Lawson.

2014 was an exciting year as I produced more in my series of vibrant, loose, shiny paintings for a show in June at the Daffodil Gallery, and a Goop of Seven show in August at VASA.

My work can be seen on this website:, and at my studio at VASA in the Hemingway Building, 25 Sir W. Churchill Ave, St. Albert, Alberta



Abbreviated List                          of Exhibitions


  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (fall)


  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (spring and fall)


  • Whyte Avenue Art Walk
  • Art Gallery of Alberta, Free for All
  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (spring and fall)


  • St Albert Art Walk
  • Whyte Avenue Art Walk
  • Fringe Gallery, Edmonton (“Tears of Red Buffalo”)
  • Capital Ex
  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (spring and fall)


  • Whyte Avenue Art Walk
  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (spring and fall)
  • Guilded at Profiles Gallery, St. Albert


  • Whyte Avenue Art Walk
  • VASA Wet Paint
  • VASA Landmarks of St. Albert


  • St. Albert Painter’s Guild (spring and fall)


  • Solo show at Daffodil Gallery, Edmonton
  • VASA Hemingway (spring and Christmas)


  • Night of Artists, Enjoy Centre
  • Night of Artists, Taste of Edmonton
  • VASA Hemingway (spring and Christmas)


  • Night of Artists, Enjoy Centre
  • Solo show at Daffodil Gallery
  • Goop of Seven Group show at VASA


  • Night of Artists, Enjoy Centre
  • Solo show, Onoway
  • Night of Artists,
  • VASA Hemingway (Christmas)